Who Will Pay My Medical Bills?

You were involved in an accident and suffered serious injuries. The medical bills are starting to pile up. Who will pay the bills? What if you have filed a personal injury claim? Are you still liable to pay your medical bills?

When you are injured in an accident, it is important to know that you are ultimately responsible for any medical bills you incur for the treatment of your injuries. If you are not able to pay your bills, your San Fernando personal injury lawyer may be able to help you come up with alternative means of payment.

Health Insurance

The best option to pay the piling medical bills for the treatment of your injuries is to submit them to your health insurance. Once they have paid the bill, it will be their responsibility to go after the at-fault party for compensation.

 Medical Liens

Unfortunately, not everyone has personal health insurance. If you do not have personal health insurance or insurance through a spouse or parents, your San Fernando personal injury may be able to help you set up a medical lien with your treating physicians.

Medical liens are typically imposed when a physician provides reasonable and necessary medical treatment to a patient and does not require payment for the services until the patient’s personal injury claim comes to a completion. At that point, the San Fernando personal injury attorney will pay the medical bills from the proceeds of the settlement or verdict.

Contact Us

For more information about the medical bills you have incurred or any other questions or concerns about your personal injury claim, you should consult an experienced San Fernando personal injury.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with San Fernando Valley personal injury attorney Ghazal Amy Vahdat, please call the Law Offices of Vahdat & Associate at (818) 74-BUT-4LAW. You can also reach us toll free at 1-800-BUT-4-LAW or visit us at http://www.sfvlaw.com.



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